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General Service Policy

  • All sites are due in full, $300 high speed solid state drives, private business server setup plus 6x $300 for web development and Google marketing, first page on Google guaranteed, during SEO marketing services. - all organic on-code, on-site service. All Google my Business - Google Profile info will only be fully turned to client when full balance is paid for a total of $2,100.00 - if any balance is due for over 2 months - your Google Account will be blocked and Website services will be suspended.
  • Upon your first $300 server setup payment, your acceptance of payment agreement takes course, web development service's average development duration is 2 to 3 weeks for full working site.
  • Some fine tunes like colors and text info can always be done over the 6 months period, no extra charges!
  • Cancelations on first month will be charged $700 service rendered fee, on second month, $1,200 service rendered fee, no cancelations after 60 days!
  • Host/SSLĀ  & .com renewals are non-refundable, must be done every year and paid in full for the entire year.
  • Payments are non refundable. Domain name not PAID will be deactivated by the SERVER and putĀ  out for public domain purchase after 60 days.
  • Therefore make sure you keep your domain!
  • Any unpaid balance will be requested for payments 3 times, before account suspension! Unsuspending an account will incur a $35 fee
  • On all websites with four or more pages, all corrections on text are due by the client primarily, we will together as much as possible.